About Us

FABREGA, MOLINO & MULINO, is one of Panama’s paramount firms with an acknowledged tradition of excellence in the quality and efficiency of legal services, serves as general counsel to large companies, both at the national and international levels on sundry topics such as corporate issues, mergers & acquisitions, foreign-owned investments in Panama, tax matters, bank, securities, contract, litigations, intellectual property, admiralty law, estate planning and corporate law.

Further to our goal of adding value to the services rendered to our clients as supported by our associates’ ample experience, FMM is pleased to add that of fiduciary agent to our spectrum of services, through our affiliate FMM TRUST, S.A.

FMM TRUST, S.A. is a Panamanian corporation organized to engage in the trust business, as authorized by the Republic of Panama’s Banking Superintendency, our Banking Center regulator, on its Resolution No.001-2008.