Our Services

Among the services FMM TRUST, S.A. offers are structuring and administration of fiduciary instruments designed to fulfill specific purposes, including estate planning and protection, collateralize financings, asset management and custody, plus other commercial and family fiduciary structures tailored to individual needs.

The following is a brief description of trusts and their more common characteristics and applications, in anticipation that ideas outlined will lead to an opportunity to advise you personally and answer any queries regarding our fiduciary services.

Definition of Trusts

A Trust is a legal act (i.e., a contract) wherein a party styled FOUNDER (e.g. our client) transfers assets to another party styled TRUSTEE (e.g., FMM TRUST, S.A.) in order that the latter manage or hold them in favor of a BENEFICIARY which may be the very FOUNDER itself (Law No.1 of 1984 and its Regulations).

The trust allows for planning, administration and orderly distribution of assets, offering sundry benefits, including:

  • Flexible structure
  • Asset protection
  • Estate distribution and disposition
  • Taxation

More Common Uses of Trusts

Different types of trusts relate to the different purposes or uses intended, among which the more frequent include:

  • Testamentary or family trust
  • Management trust
  • Collateral trust
  • Investment trust

Other services rendered by FMM TRUST, S.A.

  • Incorporation and management of private interest foundations
  • Escrow Agreements
  • Paying Agency